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case manager reference


To whom it may concern, the below reference is given in truth

John and Oliver Oxley were introduced to my client in 2015 with the proposed idea that my client had expressed an interest in buying a villa in Spain. John Oxley was perfect for the job, having travelled and worked in Spain for high profile clients in the past. John put us at ease straight away, and was able to advise my client on the most suitable area for her. 


She has very specific needs, the main one being owning a villa within easy reach of the UK, with not far to commute to her property. When arriving in Spain John pointed us towards La Manga Murcia based on his research and knowledge of the area. He had various friends who owned properties out there, and had pointed out that we would get lots of support from the expat community. The area also had lots of accessible restaurants, bars and venues which was a huge consideration for our clients, many of whom have large electric wheelchairs and very complex needs. John also pointed out that there was a very good hospital 20 mins from La manga and also a medical centre not 5 minutes from the proposed villa. It was clear that they had spent ages going to look at 30 different villas Plots of land etc. 


I explained to him that my client could not be bogged down with lots of choices, as this would overwhelm her. So after lots of conversations and photos we decided the time was right to fly out to La manga to look at the proposed Villa. John and Oliver were marvellous, they arranged our flights, hotel and taxis (no mean fete when traveling with a large electric wheelchair and 4 staff, plus our clients father). This took all the worry out of traveling and this professional, high quality service was provided to us throughout. My client instantly fell in love with the area and purchased the villa soon after we got home. Then the challenge was for John and Oliver to transform a very dated villa into a palace for our very fussy client. they took on the project and worked tirelessly to make everything perfect for my client, they totally transformed the property, doing everything with professionalism and speed. My client was constantly in touch with John and Oliver to have an input into all decisions. Last year was hectic but worth it. Oxley Design and Construction has brought the villa into the future, levelling all floors throughout the villa and completed all internal and external designs. They have  even landscaped the grounds. John Oxley is a remarkable man. Extremely kind and genuine, he puts 100% in everything that he does, absolutely nothing Is to much trouble. 


He guided us not only through the purchase of the villa but also through every step of the purchase, planning and execution of works. He then helped us decorate, furnish and set up the website. He still even now the project is up and running keeps in contact with myself and my client assisting on advertising and bookings. They offer a truly unique service with old fashioned values and 100% trustworthiness, which is a very rare asset in this day and age. 


I can't recommend John and Oliver Oxley enough. They are truly outstanding men with integrity running through every aspect of their Business. We would never use anybody else in either the UK or in Europe. 


Yours sincerely 

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