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client reference - Wrexham

My name is Zak and I suffered a spinal injury which left me paralysed from the abdomen down, as a result I was bound to a wheelchair and was in need of suitable accommodation. After speaking with an architect we put the feelers out for a building firm to carry out the work and that's when I met the lovely people of Oxley Design & Construction. Oliver and the team were very friendly and receptive to my criticisms and suggestions, they worked hard and got the job done and when I found faults with the work (which were few) they would promptly send out members of their team to get the work done.


Oxley Design & Construction is a very family oriented business and Oliver Oxley went above & beyond his duties as a contractor going as far as to watch me play tennis and take me out to eat. Dealing with them was something I looked forward to rather than a chore, they know how to balance having a laugh with getting the job done and getting it done well. I and others I've met who have dealt with them recommend them highly.

Best regards

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